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Smart- Logistics platform
to Increase your Fleet Utilisation and Profits.
No more logistics complications. No more cost inefficiencies. No more errors or last-minute logistic glitches.
Empower your logistics with a connected, holistic logistic management platform- designed to automate, optimise and help you realise your transportation revenue & savings potential.
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Don’t get held with last-minute logistics glitches.
Pave way to Proactive Logistics Decision Making
Experience NEXT-Gen Smart, logistics system that not just digitises your logistics but adds a layer of insight to your logistics operations. SmarTransERP optimizes and guides your logistics performance with Data-driven intelligence so that every single logistics use case is steered towards business success Experience our web and mobile versions designed to cater demands of the fleet in different scenarios.
SmartransERP web
Manage your complete logistics business in one platform. Leverage a Powerful, centralised web application that runs on data and reduces time to insight into your fleet operations, staff, finance and transactions.
  • Work as a team

    Get your team to actively participate in fleet operations with unlimited users. Define user roles, Collaborate on workflows and act on remediating logistics errors - together and fast.

  • Get Real-time Actionable insights on Fleet Management

    Gain better control of your fleet operations. Leverage KPIs to drive cost savings in terms of cost, mileage of each vehicle, and fuel costs. GPS and telematics help you monitor vehicle usage, movement and driver behaviour.

  • End-to-end Driver Runsheet

    Capture and store daily activities of the driver, driver details, logistics information and access it in a few clicks. Store information as long as you want, down through the years.

  • Understand Fuel and Equipment Usage

    Know your fuel economy inside and out, understand cost per mile for every asset and drill into fuel cost data for your assets to help optimise allocation and financial forecasting. Report on fuel performance in aggregate, by location, fuel type or vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement.

  • Manage Work orders and Issues

    Track work orders, evaluate its feasibility and push it into the pipeline and into execution. Plan and carry out maintenance tasks on time, assign work and the addressed issues are automatically updated in the system. Keep account of all details of work orders and get better visibility of operations.

  • Tyre Management

    Tyres are a vital element of roadworthiness but are often neglected. We offer a robust tyre visualisation system that tracks tyre details, alignments, monitors metrics of tyre performance, ensures that the tyres comply with the safety regulations and gives best performance. Tyre management module is simple, intuitive and can be easily navigated by an amatuer.

  • Third Party tools integration

    SmartransERP platform integrates creates a secure connection between different software tools, allowing you to pull data from disparate sources into one place- making it easier to take action on, analyse,
    and report on— fuel cards, gps/telematics devices, maintenance shops and more.

Productivity & Faster growth
SmartransERP Mobile
Meet your fleet needs on the go. We offer a powerful, fully native fleet management mobile app built for speed that keeps you ahead of the ever-shifting priorities and needs of your fleet assets no matter where your day takes you.
Productivity & Faster growth
  • Add details on the go from any end

    Stay in sync wherever you go. Experience a Smart, easy-to-use interface that allows stakeholders to add details such as Trip documents, fuel logs, vehicle assignments , asset details, transactions, & more. Access information on any end.

  • Manage and track daily logistics data

    Manage daily tasks like User Attendance, capture Drivers Work & Staff information and bring control and visibility of staff activities and information. Fleet managers, operations personnel, drivers and technicians can get instant access to assigned vehicles, service reminders, inspections due, open issues and more.

  • Automated Requests based on usage

    Prepare for the last-minute issues well ahead of time. Stay informed on your fleet scenarios such as fuel capacity, cash transactions with alerts and send requests to stakeholders through automated requests.

  • Keep track of everything

    Miss no data. Leave no insight. SmartransERP is almost like a digital twin of your logistics business that records every transaction on any end of the logistics system. Store data as old or new and leverage insights to optimise your logistics operations towards perfection.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Stay ahead of fleet operations with reminders, alerts and stay on top of assigned assets and maintenance processes.

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