Fast-forward your logistics
with Data-Intelligence
Inefficiencies in logistics pose invisible barriers to export performance. On looking at the conventional mode of logistics, it’s evident that without a collaborative and transparent system in place, there’s no full-fledged business success . SmarTransERP offers next-gen digital logistic services to address intrinsic and extrinsic challenges , fill the gaps and make logistics seamless. Our services are built at the intersection of technology, insights and logistics processes to cater to your logistics demands and bring convenience, speed, and autonomy to your logistics operations.
Smart Parts
We enable automobile part fulfilment by connecting you to a virtual global logistics marketplace to meet your demands. We extend the scope of availability by erasing boundaries and promoting the company's supply chain process, which is also conducive to improve organisation structure refinement and operational performance.
  • Web-based Exhaustive portal

    We have designed an exhaustive web portal that can help vendors retrieve information and connect them to the automobile dealers.

  • Automobile parts information

    With our portal, vendors get complete information about used/unused automobile parts including location, price points, reviews etc

Smart Parts
Heavy machinery Expertise
Heavy machinery Expertise
Safe and legally- approved transportation of heavy machinery is not as easy as it seems. When handling heavy machinery a set loading, transportation, and unloading protocol is more critical than ever. With our expert-level practical knowledge on heavy machinery, we help our clients to understand the best approach to move heavy machinery from one place to another place without any loss/damage.
  • Full Pre-preparedness Guidance

    Understand the capabilities of heavy machinery, the standards to comply by, and safety measures that need to be taken for mitigating liabilities and avoiding construction accidents.

  • Do's and Dont's:

    The rising Vehicle accidents due to heavy trucks and cargo transport reinforces the vitality of proper protocols. We have expert-level methodologies that ensure not only proper loading and unloading procedures in the yard but also safely haul that equipment while on the road.

Fleet management
We equip fleet managers with an AI- driven digital logistics platform powered with data intelligence to handle your fleet operations from cradle to grave. From automating manual tasks, to eliminating data silos, building collaborative workflows , understanding asset usage and leveraging predictive analytics to optimise processes- SmarTransERP becomes your Logistics Growth Partner.
  • Insight-Driven Transport

    Prevent Roadblocks with Predictive Analysis on all facets of transportation services

  • Automation and Innovation

    Gain Insights on your logistics. Experience the Power Data-Enabled Supply Chain management Economy brings

  • Control Enabler

    Gain Visibility, Access controls, and insights into Analytics for seamless Logistics

Fleet management
One of the biggest challenges faced by fleet managers today is combining IoT devices like sensor technology with analytics software within their existing system, so they can get these insights quickly —without any need of additional cost or building more hardware. SmarTransERP offers the powerful IoT integration with vehicles that’s used for tracking critical real-time information to meet your business demands. With sensor integration, managers can gain greater visibility into fuel costs, idle time, accidents, compliance violations and other contributors to fleet management costs.
  • Powerful sensor integration across line of vehicles

    SmarTransERP is robust and is designed to be integrated with any type of sensor. It unlocks powerful insights empowering stakeholders to respond quickly to glitches.
    Fuel sensors; Fuel level sensor.
    Fuel pressure sensor.
    Automatic transmission speed sensor.
    Camshaft position sensor.
    Crankshaft position sensor.
    Coolant temperature sensor.

  • Data-driven Logistics Management

    With SmarTransERP, you can track real-time dynamic information in several use-cases, capture data/ insights of components and get notified on reaching the ultimatum. Make proactive logistics decision making possible with SmarTrans and make way for profits.

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